Some Mind blowing facts about WhatsApp

Here are some facts about whatsapp
  1. Whatsapp is totally free to use.
  2. whatsapp has 1 billion active users daily.
  3. India has largest number of active whatsapp user.
  4. Over 200 million voice messages sents daily on whatsapp.
  5. More than 70% users are active on whatsapp.
  6. Whatsapp is adding 1 million users daily.
  7. Whatsapp has only 55 employees and 50 engineers.
  8. Whatsapp is 5th most downloaded app.
  9. Whatsapp does not store user messages on its server.
  10. whatsapp uses end to end encryption. Nobody can read except intended user.
  11. Whatsapp is available in 32 languages.
  12. Whatsapp spent zero money on marketing and promotion.
  13. Over 700 million images is shared daily on whatsapp.