Some Strange/Interesting Facts About Women


     1.Women's hearts beat faster than men’s.
  2. Women have more taste buds than men .
  3. Women have genetic mutation ,which causes them to see and differentiate millions of colors .
  4. Heart disease is the no.1 killer of women .
  5. Women experience significantly more nightmares than men and have more emotional dreams .
  6. Women spend nearly one year of their lives in deciding what to wear .
  7. If a women pretend to be rough and tough ,she has been cheated once by someone for sure (exceptions may be there).
  8. No women like to wear bra when they are home ,they wear it to impress other than to look beautiful .
  9. When a woman yawns she covers her mouth with the palm of her hand, not with a fist,whereas men mostly cover with their fist (generally they don’t bother about covering ) .
  10. A woman feels awkward if she does not carry anything in her hands. That is why they always carry their handbags around,otherwise prefer holding hands with someone.
  11. When a woman dresses up to go out, she puts on a blouse first. Pants come second. Men work it vice versa.
  12. When an act of love ends, women do not feel like sleeping. They feel like talking and kissing.
  13. A woman is more likely to be impressed and attracted to someone who ignores her .
  14. Women are more talkative than men .
  15. Gossiping is a favorite time pass of women .
  16. Women like to feel special ,even though they might not show it generally.
  17. When a guy they like smile and stares deep into their eye,they will melt.
  18. Women get embarrassed easily,even if the guys don’t know what the hell just happened .
  19. Women love it when a guy pulls them with their waist .
  20. A kiss on the hand with the right timing is enough to turn her on .
  21. Women are very complicated by nature ,sometimes even a woman doesn’t understand herself .
  22. A girl always has the dream of her marriage running in her mind .
  23. Girls like to hear compliment but don’t know how to react on them .