How do you know if someone is mature or not?

I am sharing 36 signs of mature people. I got them from all over the internet and Quora to keep them at one place.
  1. Mature people have one passion bigger than sex
  2. Mature people are kind to animals
  3. Mature people don't think everyone as their friend
  4. Mature people forgive others and forgive themselves and move on
  5. Mature people never let someone hurt them twice
  6. Mature person is kind to less fortunate, service men and others serving under him
  7. Mature people never make a fake promise, if they do make they live by that promise
  8. Mature people listen to their mind more than heart
  9. Mature people never reveal your secrets till their grave
  10. Mature people have goals and not entirely revolves around money
  11. If you tell your problem to mature people, they will try their best to help you without expecting anything back from you
  12. Mature people feel for success of people around them and they appreciate successful
  13. Mature people have always goal in their life, a purpose to live, they live to that purpose
  14. Mature people never tell a lie.
  15. Mature people never compromise and break their commitments no matter how hard it gets
  16. Mature people never argue for the sake of argument, they speak of their opinion where it matters
  17. Mature people remain silent. They have respect for all form of life.
  18. Mature people rarely show anger or they know how to channel it
  19. Mature people spend some of their time in remembrance of GOD
  20. Mature people are very patient and never tore apart under pressure
  21. Mature people listen to other people thoroughly and respect what others say
  22. Mature people take care of their personal hygiene
  23. Mature people don't live in past, they surrender to change
  24. Mature people wear clothes appropriately and with respect to occasions
  25. Mature people take care of their mental and physical health
  26. Mature people always make good connection with their family
  27. Mature people always return goods after using them, if they borrow any.
  28. Mature people never take other people's bad comments about them into bed
  29. Mature people are genuine people and they don't try to copy someone
  30. Mature people don't complain about every little hurdle of life
  31. Mature people are responsible for their actions and their words
  32. Mature people don't waste time in video games
  33. Mature people do not know everything, they are all time willing to learn.
  34. Mature people never disrespect their parents
  35. Mature people pay their greetings to those jerks who try to bully them into an argument, and move on without sit down to argue back
  36. Mature people respect all people equally regardless of their race, color, and gender