Will Jio beat Airtel?

After having used Rel Jio SIM since its launch, my answer is a big NO. Surprising, isn't it? Well, it is, and may be shocking to many of you. Let's examine, how and why? Go on counting ….!
(1) Ever since Rel Jio launched, Airtel has started upgrading their network, and now they have already successfully done it. Thus better voice clarity, better Internet speed & experience.
(2) Initially Rel Jio was totally free, so crores of people have acquired multiple Jio SIMs for free, thus company projected as record break subscribers!!
(3) Rel Jio network is not at all good for 4G LTE (not VoLTE) phones, which is operated through their 4GVoice App. Network frequently becomes zero (no signal at all), requiring frequent restarting of phone to get the signal back. Net and thus voice calls break frequently. Especially voice calls are a big drawback. You don't have network, when you want to make urgent calls. Thus reliability of Rel Jio network is very very poor.
(4) Nobody makes Jio SIM his/ her primary SIM, due to its poor reliability. It just serves as an additional SIM for mobile internet.
(5) Which network asks for a 3 months (precisely 84 days only) payment from its pre paid customers? This is an open loot. In India, people get salaries monthly, then why to punish them by asking 3 months payment together? Thus their lakhs of subscribers are not renewing their subscription, because lower denomination recharges are at killing rates.
(6) Now even Airtel and Vodafine are offering competitive plans for mobile internet and voice calls./ video calls.
(7) Similary sending sms through their very repulsively designed App is another problem Smses don't go only.
(8) There is no one at Rel Jio to listen to your grievances/ customer complaints. If you write them a mail, no one reads and gives proper reply. Their so called Jio retail centres are totally useless. Staff there does not know anything …! They just want to make new Sale, they are not interested in resolving complaint of existing customers, added to it, they lack any expertise.
(9) Rel Jio charges Rs 99 extra, for making you so called Prime customer?! Which other telecom company loots you like this???
So friends, beware of Rel Jio. Company is not customer friendly. Network quality is poor. Videos buffer a lot (even on a 2 GB RAM Octa core processor mobile). Voice calls depend upon your luck. Thanks.