What is Engine Cubic capacity?

 let it know....The cubic capacity or displacement is the volume which is swept by the piston inside the cylinder. It determines the capacity of the engine. If the CC is more, the engine is more powerful but it’s fuel economy would be less as it would consume more fuel.

From the above diagram, it can be seen that the Bore of the cylinder is 57.3 mm and the stroke(TDC-BDC) is 57.8 mm. Therefore to find out CC,
Volume (CC) = 3.14 / 4 * (57.3)^2 * 57.88 = 148972.717 mm^3 = 148.972 cm^3.
This is a capacity of a single cylinder engine. If there are multiple cylinders, then the above answer should be multiplied by the total number of cylinders.