What is the link between Rahu/Ketu and dogs in astrology?

Vedas as well as Vedic astrology assigned certain Animals or Birds as Divine Carriers /Vehicles to all most all Gods. Like Garuda the Divine Kite for Lord Vishnu, Nandi the Bull for Lord Shiva, Tiger to Goddess Durga and so on. Similarly Lion & Elephant is assigned for Rahu , Dog and Vulture to Kethu .

The Nature and response the divine vehicle itself signifies the way their Gods /Planet will behave and results are bestowed !!

1) Dogs are Man’s best companions but the biting instinct is hidden in their traits same as Kethu inflicting native badly if afflicted . An afflicted Kethu is as bad a mad dog for the native

2) Dogs by its Care affection and loyalty exhibiting towards its master can be said as Kethu loyal only to Guru/Jupiter (Master). (A malefic Kethu posited in birth chart can be nullified or reduced only by Jupiter’s aspect )

3) Dogs seen in India, unlike pet dogs around world, roam freely every where ,sleeping and feed on multiple places just akin to Sadhus and Sanyasis who renounced material comforts , underlying the principle of Soul’s spiritual enlightenment shunning the cozy stay at one place,, a property of Kethu ! (Rahu has reverse property hence called as Politicians planet )

4) Research Dogs of NASA were used to sniff rocks brought from Mars to find foreign life forms. Dog has keen sense of smell next to Bear, Kethu rules sense of smell And needless to say it is well connected to Dogs. Military and Police around world use Dogs to find out drugs and chemicals. ( Dogs, Smell Chemical, Drugs etc are all Kethu relevant/significant)

So Dogs are symbolic representation of Kethu in living form (Lal Kitab )

In south of India a common saying is if you have a Dog at home , it will take all bad effect coming to the Man of the house , while his master survives unwarranted unhappy situation during Kethu desha period !