What will happen after we die ?

Decay and decomposition. (This post may contain content that maybe shocking to some folk.)

Now from what science tell us,I can give you a fairly accurate idea of what I think is what's going to happen after I die.

Stage 1

  • Heart stops beating. The last luggage of blood has been pumped. Since blood has nothing left to do,it just follows gravity and tries to settle down,drain and hope for the best. During the process,it creates a bluish-purple discoloration in my body which biologists call Livor mortis.
  • Since I don't have any other use of it,I'm sure I'd just let all my heat out. This makes me a cool guy(pun intended). They call it Algor mortis
  • Some chemical changes occur that release cellular enzymes which further destroys my deal old cells.Although you may not notice this since my body is still fresh dead meat,you could see some blisters if you're lucky.
  • Oxygen guys in my body who were waiting for me to die,makes use of this opportunity to consume as much oxygen as they can from my body.This helps their well known rival anaerobic organisms active. Their evil sorcery is what produces methane,hydrogen sulphide,etc.(Who knew that you could use me to cook your omelet or make you puke)
  • Microbes take over my body and kicks start the next stage.

This is what I suppose I'd look like :

Stage 2

  • Anaerobic guys don't stop their shit and release more gases. This makes me bloat.
  • Due to internal body pressure caused by this,body fluids come out of openings present in my body.
  • Maggots,as they always do,should arrive on time and lay eggs and hatch and mate and whatever on my body.(Only if I'm exposed)
  • Don't touch my skin and go soft on my skin,they may peel off(I wouldn't like that).
I don't fancy this. Not today.

Stage 3

  • Maggots and other organisms feed voraciously and results my body fluids to purge to the surroundings,to create a cadaver decomposition island (CDI).
  • My tissues disintegrate.
  • When maggots migrate away from my body,it signals the end of stage 3.

Stage 4

  • All alone,my body just lays there quietly.
  • Vegetation would be no more for a few days near the CDI.
  • An increase in mineral content can be seen in nearby soil.