which countries India's top 5 allies in the world today

Who are India's top 5 allies in the world today

  1. RUSSIA/USSR -sent their nuclear submarine to stop U.S and U.K from attacking Indian coast from east and west during Indo pak war.https://cdni.rt.com/files/opinionpost/34/34/b0/00/russia-india-contracts-nuclear.si.jpg
  2.  ISRAEL-gave technology to bombard bunkers on mountain ranges effectively and gave spy drones and similar technology. Also gave armor suit for soldiers at siachinhttps://defenceaviationpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/595f63a0dda4c8d4628b4567.jpg
  3.  BHUTAN- close economic and cultural ties and asked for help recently to stop chinese from building a road leading to their nation and India helped happily and moving garrison to physically stop Chinahttps://www.oneindia.com/img/2014/06/18-bhutan-india.jpg
  4.  JAPAN- japanese institution of management followed in Indian giants, business partnerships , gave big loan at very low interest and transferred technolgy of Maglev train to India.
  5.  AFRICAN UNION- many african nations are dependent on India for naval patrolling and securing the sea around them , they give us uranium and plutonium for our reactors and other use