Mysterious Devi/Shakti Temples of India

Jwala Ji is a Hindu temple located in the Himalayan town of Jawalamukhi in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

This temple is dedicated to Hindu goddess Jwala ji,a form of Devi Adi Shakti. This temple is probably the most ancient temple in India. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata and other scriptures. Here is the Sanskrit(above) and Persian (below) inscriptions from the Ateshgah (fire temple) of Baku, Ajerbaijan. It's first line is dedicated to Sri Ganesh and second to Jwala ji.

Unlike any other temple, Jwala Ji temple doesn’t have a statue or an image, but nine constantly burning blue flames that seems to come from the rocks. The flames can be seen at various places in the temple and it is burning continuously since first date of its known history.The term ‘Jwala’ means “flame” in Sanskrit and ‘Ji’ is an honorific used in the Indian subcontinent. Goddess Jwala is also referred to as Mata Jvala Ji and Mata Jwala Mukhi Ji.

The Mughal Emperor Akbar, when heard the glory of this temple, ordered his soldiers to extinguish the flames by covering them with an iron disk and even channelizing water to them. But the flames blasted all these efforts. He tried his best to extinguish the nine fires present there but failed. Akbar finally realized the power of Jwala ji, he then presented a golden parasol at the shrine but Jwala Devi didn't accepted that parasol and it fell and all it's gold eroded. This parasol is still present in the temple and we can see it.

Even Aurangzeb tried his best but returned back to Delhi after knowing Maa Jwala Devi’s powers.

Despite many scientific researches, the reason behind these natural flames couldn’t be found out. The scientists say there is a sleeping volcano under Jwala Ji temple and the natural gas coming out of that volcano is burning as flames, which Hindus revere as Goddess.

During 1970s a foreign company was appointed by Government of India to explore possibilities of big reservoirs of natural gas there ,so that they can make a gas plant there. They worked for some years but left that project saying they could not find any gas source.

There is surely some other phenomena and science that is working behind Jwala Ji eternal flames but that can be indication of glory of our ancestors. Till now no scientists or geologists says nothing since they only tried their level best to find a clue but, failed.