Untold Dark Secrets of China

 Why China is hiding these 13 secret from the World?

China is the most populous and 3rd largest country in the world. It occupies a large part of East Asia, borders fourteen states and has coastlines on the Yellow, East China and South China Seas. Two-thirds of the territory is mountainous or desert; only one-tenth is cultivated. The eastern half of the country is one of the world's best watershed lands. Apart from these entire epitomic examples, there are numerous hidden secrets of China, which are never coming to the World's scrutiny.

13 Secrets that China is hiding from the World

1. Poverty


Poverty in China is mainly refers to the rural poverty and as per the report of World Bank around more than 100 million Chinese people live in destitution and live on less than $1/day.

2. Capital Punishment in China (Executions)


 China is well known for its harsh punishment and when it comes to capital punishment which is carried out by lethal injection or shooting. We can understand through the China’s criminal procedural law that, how law of china is particular about the execution, which is defined the execution protocol under article 252, "Death sentence shall be executed by means of shooting or injection". As per Human Right Report, China has given capital punishment four times more than the rest of the world. If we go to the number, around 1770 capital punishment is given by firing at the prisoners.

3. Air Pollution


 The Great Wall of China is not only famous things of China but also stifling air pollution. It is just because of rapid industrialization and haphazard urban planning. The intensity of pollution understands- how this pollution affects the weather system. For example- When Jet streams enter in China; it carried all the air pollution to northern California and San Francisco. This shows that environmental degradation are affects human itself and it requires collective effort to save the planet.

4. Limit on reincarnation


Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com

This decision was not religious but political because the Chinese government has banned the reincarnation of Buddhist monks to reduce the Dalai Lama's influence over the people.

5. World's Largest Empty Mall

 China is well known for supporting manufacturing unit and largest labour forces but its own complexes remains unoccupied except few eating joints at the entrance.

6. Blocked Sites

Freedom of expression is breach in China because around 3000 websites are blocked under the policy of internet censorship. Hence, people are instructed to access prescribe websites only. For example- Facebook, You Tube, Google, etc.

7. Cave Dwellers


 People of China’s Shaanxi province are known its porous soil and people dig caves to live. As per report of United Nations Human Settlements Programme, China has 35 million of cave dwellers.

8. Water Contamination



China is running with inadequate drainage system as well as sewage treatment. Thus, half of the population have to drink contaminated water that causes several diseases.

9. Birth Defect


 China has highest birth defects rate in the world due to increases in environmental pollution and unsafe foods.

10. Christianity

China has witnesses the dramatic rise of Christianity that has more Christian than Italy. A report said that, over the course of time China have more church goers than America.