Untold Interesting Facts About Different Country Flags

 Here are some untold facts about the flags of differents nations of the world :

The flag of Niger is very similar to that of India. The only difference is, there is an Ashok Chakra in the Indian flag and the flag of Niger contains an orange circle.

2. The Flags of the Republic of Ireland and Ivory Coast are identical tricolours except for the order of the colours is reversed.

3. Saudi Arabia’s flag is manufactured with reverse sides. The sword points to the left, in the direction of the script.


4. The Afghan and Cambodian Flags hold the distinction of being the only two flags in the world to feature a building in their design.

5. The Flag of the Czech Republic was identical to the Flag of Poland, so a blue triangle was added at the hoist to the Czech flag.

6. The current flag of the United States was designed by 17-year-old Robert Heft, as part of a school project. He received a grade of B-.

7. The flags of Monaco & Indonesia are identical except in dimension (the flag of Monaco is narrower).

8. The flags of Romania & Chad differ only in the shade of blue they use.

9. The flag of Libya from 1977 to 2011 was the only plain flag in the world.

10. Nepal is the only country with a non-quadrilateral flag.

11. The Flag of Pakistan has set the World Record 3 times. On 15 February 2014, 29040 people gathered in a stadium in Lahore to form the world’s largest flag comprising of humans, which was certified by Guinness World Records.


The record for the largest human national flag was later broken by India. The largest human national flag involved 43,830 participants and was achieved by Rotary International District 3230 and News 7 Tamil (both Indian) at the YMCA Grounds Nandanam in Chennai, India, on 7 December 2014.



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