Interesting And Unknown Facts About Indian Trains

Have you ever noticed the numbers written on coaches of a indian trais? 

There is very interesting fact behind this number.
Look at the above coach. It's 04052.
The first two numbers tell about the year of manufacturing which is 2004 here.
The other three numbers tell about the serial number. So 052 reveals that it is the 52nd coach manufactured in 2004.
For example, 98337 tells that it is the 337th coach manufactured in 1998.
2. Have you ever noticed why Indian trains are colored with blue color?

There is very interesting fact behind this.
Before 1990, all trains had vacuum braking system.
After 1990, an advanced braking system was introduced that was Air braking system.
After that invention, it was difficult to differentiate between vacuum and advance braking system.
So trains having vacuum braking system were being colored with red and trains having air braking system colored with blue color.
Rajdhani, shatabdi and other trains are special—that’s why they are colored with different colors.
Vacuum braking system is no longer available today.