Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Indian Temples

I think our ancestors had something similar to rock melting or rock softening technology. Below are some phenomena which can't be explained even by modern science. Though each and every Indian ancient Hindu temple is in itself worth 1000s of research papers. I will show very strange stone structures which can't be explained even by modern technology.
Here is first evidence.
Here is a pic of a statue carving of a lion with a stone ball inside its mouth. The stone ball can't be taken out. This is not impossible. But the main problem is that the stone ball is of different stone than that of the parent rock used in carving the statue. There is no way this can be created without melting the rock.
Second evidence.
The above pic is of musical temple in Hampi. There were originally 7 column carved out of a single rock and despite same length and diameter, all of them produce different sound (sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa).
Britishers were so surprised at this phenomena that they thought that somehow ancient Hindus were able to make holes in the column to make them sound different. So they cut one of the column and guess what, the entire column was solid and was not hollow. This can't be achieved without melting the rock and changing its internal property.
Third evidence.
Can you all see the stone hooks in the corner stone of the ceiling. This is found in Hampi. Locals say that there used to be stone chains hanging from those hooks. And this statement can be validated by similar chains in other structures in other South Indian temples.
The above picture is of a temple in Kanchipuram. Even though making stone chain is extremely difficult and expensive but it is not impossible. But what is impossible is that the stone chain is made of sandstone and the ceiling stone which it is attached to of granite. This can't be explained even by modern day science.