What are the best guns in PUBG Mobile?

That’s a question usually only noobs ask. You don’t need best guns to have chicken dinner but if you’re interested in knowing I’d share with you.
Let me begin with the hand gun
UZI - Its batshit crazy. If you dont have a big gun but find an UZI, take my words you got your first kill. Its rapid fast firing rate and almost no recoil and damage is enough to bring your opponent to knees. I’m a big fan of this mini gun only because of its close range destructive power. Uses 9mm bullets.
UMP9 - Its a legeng among PUBG community. You’ll see people going crazy for UMP9. Its kinda big brother of UZI just with better shooting range. Pair it with a 3X or 4X and see how it sends your enemies to their coffins. Can with accessorised with extended mag and suppressor. Totally a killing Machine.
M416 - You kidding me! It’s a freak in the field. From close range to mid to long range, M416 rains fear in the hearts of enemies. You’ll often see people dumping other long range guns over this. It goes very subtly with 6X and never misses a shot. When used with a silencer, they would have no clue what struck them and from where.
AKM - Its never been disliked. Even though its has more vertical recoil than M416, its still loved by majority and why not? can you withstand 2 burst round and leave alive? Nah! Goes perfectly with up to 6X. Remember, its not much effective while sniping at longer distance due to vertical recoil. You’d often find yourself shooting away from the target.
Scar L - After AKM, Scar L has the most body hit impact power. Its tad bit more stable than M416, and definitely a gun worth having. Its slightly smaller in form factor, uses 5.56mm. With a faster auto mode, Scar is somewhat unstoppable. Can be used for medium range effective sniping tooo!
Groza - You won’t find this gun anywhere on the map but you can get it if you know how. Wait for the biggest airdrop. The crate comes filled with exceptional goodies and Groza is one of them. It follows the same step as AKM with identical body hit impact power and damage. Much faster firing rate than AKM (at least sounds faster). You find it, its your lucky day. Use it with scope but not ideal for long range sniping.
AWM.300 Magnum - The deadliest , slowest and longest range rifle in the whole game. You just cannot compete against someone who has this with 6X or 8X scope and has good vantage point. You know you’re slaughtered. Players quiver in fear the moment they hear magnum’s sound. However, if you don’t have any other gun than .300 Mag, you know you are screwed.
Kar 98K - The most common sniper rifle to be found after VSS. Powerful enough to deal damage even through a level two helmet and guarantees kill with two shots, if taken properly. Uses 7.62mm bullets. It even is effective at shorter range given you have a couple of seconds to reload, if you didn’t die, ofcourse.
Hope I dint miss any “good gun” (not talking about the guns in dropped crates) if I did do let me know. My apologies for not mentioning SKS or VSS or TOmmy or Vector.
Go have your Chicken Dinner Now.