Most Interesting Facts About Human Behavior

If you want to know who is the most important person in the group, notice the one who has the least body movements. Human behavioral studies suggest that a person who loses their cell phone experiences a panic similar to a near death experience If you want to know about the man observe him when he is alone and if you want to know about the woman observe her when she is with people. When in a public place, if someone keeps looking at you so much it’s becoming frustrating, just look at their shoes…like, for a long time; this will make them feel so uncomfortable, they'll probably back off. An instant change in mood from happiness to sad indicates that you’re missing someone.
  Women who have mostly male friends stay in a good mood more often
People who spend a lot of time on the internet are more likely to be depressed, lonely and mentally unstable. People are more likely to cry at night because lack of sleep makes emotions hard to control.
Not all risks are the same. The same person…

Can China's S-400 defense missile system intercept India's BrahMos and Agni V?

Agni of any version is out of S400s tracking capability as it can track objects with a maximum speed of 14 times of sound. When BM comes down it may even aquire a speed of 24x that of sound / mach 24. S400 is not for BMD. It can stop cruise missiles from BrahMos to Tomohawk everything. But subsonic missiles like Tomohawk , Klub Nirvoy etc. can be intercepted at long range using 48N6 / 40N6 but BrahMos , Onix like things can be intercepted by only 9M96E2 means at 40 to 100km range only. Beyond 100 and closer than 40 km S400 would not be able to stop BrahMos . This is why Russia deploys S400 with the close range support of Pantsir SA gun missile system to refute close range threats.