Weird Things Of INDIA

                                                   Weird Things Of INDIA

Now I will take you to some rituals that we follow(Only in some selected places) in our country INDIA which will be strange/weird to rest of the world.
Celebrating menstruation

Ambubachi Mela celebrates menstruation at the Kamakhaya Temple in Guwahati. Goddess Kamakhaya, being a Shakti Peeth of Goddess Sati, is said to be on her menstrual cycle in the month of June and this is when people of this area celebrate a woman’s puberty with great vigor.

2. Worshipping Animals and Trees.

It's a hindu tradition in our country and we all respect from our heart

3. Dowry at the time of marriage

Brides family is supposed to give something to groom's family in the form of cash, jewellery, vehicles, properties etc.

It's illegal but still exists in 90% of the arranged marriages.

4. Offering hair to God

Another common hindu tradition across the country.

5. Animal Sacrifice

Animal sacrifice in the name of God is made innumerable times throughout India. The meat of the sacrificed animal is cooked and fed to the people as prasaad at most places and is said to be a form of God’s blessings.

6. Fire walk

Walking over a spread of burning coal is a practice. This ritual is a part of a festival; it is believed to wash out all the sins and impurities of a person.

7. Body piercing

This is yet another strange ritual which takes place in Southern India. People pierce their bodies in every way possible and even lift and drag huge weights with the help of the same. The pierced part does not give any pain at all to the bearer which is supposed to be a miracle of God.

8. Frog weddings

As strange as it sounds, frog weddings are quite common in Maharashtra, Assam and Some parts of South India. People get 2 frogs of different sex to be married to each other. This ritual is said to bring rains to the drought ridden areas of these states.

9. Marrying to animals and plants.

Yes, in India, getting married to animals or plants is not a strange thing. People get married to dogs and various trees to get rid of the negative attributes present in their character and destiny.

10. Smashing coconuts on the head – Aadi Festival, Tamil Nadu.

Every year, on the 18 day of the Tamil month of Aadi, thousands of devotees flock the Mahalakshmi Temple, Mettu Mahadhanapuram, in the Karur District of Tamil Nadu, to willingly allow the priest to smash coconuts on their heads for good luck and health.

11.The cow is a sacred animal

For represent fertility and motherhood, not playing by the tail because it brings bad luck. Similarly, it has great respect for animals, being mostly vegetarian population. The main reason is their belief that they can be the reincarnation of his many gods, that is why you will see them move everywhere and in every condition, yes, nobody will kill them because it could be a downside for his reincarnation in the next lifetime.