Why is Japan not producing mobiles like China?

Galapagos Mobile

Japan was one of the earliest developers of mobile phones and started the world first internet access services called “i-Mode”. Refer to Wiki for details; i-mode - Wikipedia It became very popular in Japan and became a national standard, while in other part of the world, it was way too advanced and Japan failed to make it a global standard.

Yet i-Mode was so popular, further domestic development continued to win the domestic competition and made the Japanese mobile market far different from any other countries. It was then called as Galapagos Mobile because of its pretty unique evolution just like those uniquely evolved creatures in Galapagos islands.

Soon after an iPhone was released, many Japanese jumped to it as well making the i-Mode obsolete very quickly. But again due to the domestic competition, Japanese phone makers continued releasing new Galapagos mobiles allowing Google to launch Android which in parallel with iPhone became global standards.iPho…

Which countries will be major world powers in 2050

A lot can change in 32 years, but I would guess this, if you mean in a military sense:

Superpowers: USA and China.

Great Powers: UK, France, Russia, Germany, India.

Emerging Powers: Nigeria, Iran, Vietnam, Australia.

And in an economic sense:

Superpowers: USA, China, European Union (led by Germany and France).

Great Powers: UK, Japan, South Korea, India and Russia.