What is the hidden history of India?

Most of the historians are glorifying Mughal Empire as the biggest empire on the Indian subcontinent but there are some facts which the people don’t know . The most under rated empire in the Indian history and I am pretty sure many of the readers don’t know about it . Even the wikipedia does’nt know much about this empire . So here is the information on it .

Karkota Empire(c. 625 - 885 CE)

It was a major power from the Indian subcontinent , which originated in the region of Kashmir . It was founded by Durlabhvardhana during the lifetime of Harshvaradhan .

The rulling area of the empire consist both the Mughal Empire( 4.0 million sq. km ) and Mauryan Empire( 5.0 million sq. km ) put together .

Lalitaditya Mukhtapida , the dynasty's strongest ruler captured parts of Central Asia , Afganistan and Punjab with Chinese help . Lalitaditya was able to extend the power of Kashmir beyond the normal mountain limits and in about 740 AD inflicted a defeat upon Yashovarman the king of Kannauj . Lalitaditya was able to vanquish the Turks, Tibetans, Bhutias, Kambojas and others .

The Karkota emperors were primarily Hindu . They built spectacular Hindu temples in their capital Parihaspur . Martand Sun Temple in the Anantnag district were built by Lalitaditya. It is the oldest known Sun temple in India and was also one of the biggest temple complexes at the time.

Martand Sun Temple

Restored image of the Martand Sun Temple

There were many unknown warrior on the land on India . A country having different names Hindustan , Bharat , India . Once called SONE KI CHIRIYA (THE GOLDEN SPARROW) . India was the first nation having planned cities where there is underground drainage system and modern rain harvesting system (INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION). This land was highly developed in art , culture and glory . Our culture believes in Vasudheiva Kutumbakam means that whole world is a family . Due to many foreign invasion my country lost its glory but after so much of invasions we are still above many countries and are going to the best in few years .

JAI HIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(is a salutation, slogan, and battle cry most commonly used in India to indicate patriotism towards India (also known as Hind). It translates roughly to "Long live India").